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Understanding human behavior at the deepest levels is no longer an option. It’s an imperative.

The ecological challenges we face can feel scary and insurmountable. It's time to transform our care and concern into powerful action and innovation.


Psychology holds the key to unlocking action on the greatest challenge facing humanity today.

It's about being human.

We do not have to be superheroes, or super-powered. But we are--each one of us--being called on today to access new capacities in how we meet our planetary crisis. The very good news is that we each have these abilities, regardless of background or discipline.




Companies and organizations working on the frontlines of ecological issues need to build capacity, develop strategy, unleash creativity and mobilize around making an impact.

We can get this done by:

  • Applying psychological methods, tools and frameworks to the development of successful campaigns, messaging and brand strategies
  • Inspiring bold, courageous action among sustainability leaders through guidance and training
  • Partnering on strategy development, research and capacity building training and workshops
  • Transforming our concern for the planet into action through compassion, intelligence and emotional connection.


As a researcher, educator and climate engagement strategist, I work with companies and organizations looking to strengthen climate and sustainability initiatives, develop more effective campaigns and harness the creativity and innovation needed to solve big problems.

Let’s work together to break through the barriers to progress on the most pressing issues of our time.


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