Dr. Renee Lertzman is an applied researcher, speaker, instructor and strategic communications specialist, focusing on the psychological dimensions of climate and environmental engagement and communications. Her approach is informed by training in the UK in Psychosocial Research (PhD in Social Sciences, MA in Communication Studies) and recognizes that environmental issues can be charged – and require acutely sensitive communications as well as innovative research methodologies.

Renee consults with numerous organizations, including with Brand Cool – a registered B Corp, human-centered branding and marketing agency – as Director of Insight. She also designs and teaches innovative courses and workshops for university programs and practitioners on the psychological dimensions of sustainability in the States and Canada. She focuses on building capacities for truly integrated approaches across the behavioral sciences, social sciences, psychoanalytic practices and social innovation. She also teaches specialized courses on Psychosocial Methodologies for those already working in qualitative market or consumer research, and want to go deeper and further than most research tools tend to allow.

Renee’s work, based on over 20 years working in communications, addresses behavioral change “from the inside out.” She designs strategic communications, research tools and systemic approaches to engagement that help generate the insights required for an innovative, solutions-based economy. She also designs and produces workshops and seminars for professionals seeking to deepen their understanding of the current psychological landscape, helping them assess new tools and approaches more critically and more effectively.

She works with organizations to craft innovative approaches to “going deeper” and delivering richer insight and results. She is experienced at offering the following:

Engagement strategy and communications design.  Messaging; branding; educational materials; presentations.
Research and research tools. Designing online surveys/polls; focus groups; data analysis; ethnographic research. Development of white papers and independent research.
Staff development and university instruction. Graduate and undergraduate level, as well as webinars/seminars/workshops for stakeholders, staff and teams, focusing on psychological insights of sustainability, research methodologies and engagement approaches.

Clients include marketing agencies, design companies, engagement specialists, educators, consultants and anyone needing input on how to communicate more effectively around the charged topics of environment/climate change/consumption/sustainability.

Renee also coaches international governmental, private and public sector organizations, designing workshops and seminars tailored to specific needs regarding psychological dimensions of sustainability/environmental engagement.

She has designed unique courses and taught for Royal Roads University’s MA in Environmental Education and Communication, where she gives courses on leadership, psychology and environmental communications and education; and designed courses on psychology and environment/climate change for Portland State University (Psychology Department and Communications Dept), and Lanzhou University, China. She is regularly requested to deliver guest lectures, keynotes and workshops to a range of professionals and students.

A gifted and passionate speaker, she has delivered keynote and invited presentations to the following:

Garrison Institute NW Hub; Natural History Museum, London; Communicate Now! Bristol Natural History Consortium; American Meteorological Society; Ministry of Environment for British Columbia; Meetings Professionals International (World Education Congress); National Association for Environmental Education; Deep Democracy Institute; University College London, Energy Institute; National Center for Atmospheric Research; Garrison Institute’s Climate, Mind and Behavior symposium; Sustainable Brands; Sonoma State University; University of San Francisco; Lanzhou University, China; International Forum on Psychoanalysis and Education; Cogan Owens Cogan, Portland; Metro City of Portland, Social Sustainability Consortium, Portland and numerous others.

She has worked in the communications sector for twenty years since joining EcoNet/Institute of Global Communications, the first ISP to serve the environmental community. Renee currently works with a range of organizations – public, private and governmental sectors – and delivers powerful results.

A writer, she has published widely in such publications as The Sun Magazine, Orion Magazine, The Ecologist, Land and People and numerous others (clips available on request). Her work has been featured and highlighted on NPR and in various media, including The Guardian, The New York Times, Time, Women of Green and The Ecologist. She contributes blogs to Climate Access, Sustainable Brands, and Sightline.

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