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Renee's groundbreaking book on engagement, Environmental Melancholia: Psychoanalytic Dimensions of Engagement, available as eBook or hardcover.

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For those working to reverse ecological crises and innovate solutions, the greatest untapped resource is a deep understanding of human behavior.

It is time to fully comprehend how people feel, experience, come to terms with, and act in our ecologically fragile world.

Knowing how people relate to change enables us to engage, mobilize, and inspire positive action.


Each one of us cares about our planet. However, it’s not always clear what to do about it.

Our need to understand human behavior at the deepest levels is no longer an option, when it comes to meeting our most urgent ecological challenges. Innovating solutions, crafting engagement strategies and designing astute messaging all require a fundamental fluency in how people not only think, but feel about our changing world. Renee Lertzman knows how to turn our aspirations for a better world into actions that make a difference. She works with leaders in business, government, NGOs, and academia to develop innovative research, insightful strategies, and transformative learning programs to effectively engage stakeholders in responding to the most profound challenges of our time. Learn more about Renee…

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How the Fort McMurray Climate Conversation Went Down in Flames

Renee Lertzman, an expert in the psychology of environmental education, said it really isn’t a question of whether we make the connection between the fires and climate change but how. “This conversation needs to happen, but it doesn’t need to be polarizing,” Lertzman told DeSmog Canada. “The question is how can we communicate and engage with people in the most constructive and productive and effective ways?” “We’re designed to resist challenging, threatening news and information that can potentially challenge our worldview.” Read more at... read more

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