Reducing Ivory Demand with WWF

world-wildlife-fund-150In 2016, WWF commissioned Renee to develop a new approach to reducing consumer demand for ivory, particularly in China.

Renee researched, designed and delivered an intensive one-day workshop at the National Geographic Society to explore psychosocial and neuropsychological dimensions of the demand for ivory products. The event brought together stakeholders across NGOs, research, government and philanthropy to learn a new set of conceptual tools to enhance and amplify demand reduction efforts.

The framework Renee developed goes beyond typical behavior change approaches (namely the exclusive use of social marketing, pledges and champions). It provides a new lens through which to view and respond to the complex dimensions of ivory consumption, driven by psychological, cultural, social, and emotional desires.

Due to the immense enthusiasm and success of the event, WWF commissioned the production of a written guide that will be shared widely in the conservation community in 2017 and piloted with partners as a new approach to reducing market demand.