Each year Renee delivers numerous keynotes, presentations and workshops to a range of public and private audiences internationally.

Dr. Lertzman’s talks draw on advanced psychosocial research to reframe how we’re used to thinking about stakeholders. Renee challenges assumptions about social inertia in response to necessary climate and environmental work through topics, such as:

  •       + The Myth of Apathy
  •       + Going “Beyond Behavior Change”
  •       + Beyond Facts and Data: Psychology of Climate Change Communications
  •       + Wildlife Conservation Advocacy: Applying Psychosocial Methods for Engagement
  •       + Psychosocial Approaches to Demand (Desire) Reduction of Ivory
  •       + Uncovering Barriers to Sustainability
  •       + Innovative Human-Centered Research Methodologies
  •       + Why (Research) Methods Matter
  •       + The Psychology of Energy Efficiency
  •       + Climate Anxiety
  •       + Rethinking Engagement Strategies


Government, private-, and public-sector groups hire Renee to design and deliver experiential, interactive trainings that build capacity for more powerful ways of designing climate, energy, wildlife conservation and environmental engagement. She shares innovative tools for revealing underlying psychological and behavioral dimensions of climate and environmental issues. And she teaches foundation concepts and frameworks for successfully incorporating these key insights into programming and communications. In addition to strategy, Renee is often engaged to offer research methodology trainings for in-house capacity building and interdisciplinary collaborations.

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Renee’s work has deeply informed so much of my own thinking and approach to engagement, particularly around climate issues. She is an enormous resource, whether redesigning a survey or offering a session on climate communications. I am incredibly grateful. She is a gem, a treasure, and we are fortunate to have worked with her.

Kirstin Greene

Principal, Cogan Owens Greene

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