Renee works with nonprofit, commercial and government organizations to design successful programs that acknowledge stakeholders’ conflicting needs.


Dr. Lertzman’s innovative approach to stakeholder engagement is lean and effective. It serves as quick-start, foundational market research, or adds audience-specific depth to the superficial insights found in publicly available strategic research reports.

With as few as 10 psychosocial interviews for tailored, nuanced insights—or drawing on existing market insights—she begins working with clients to:

  •       + Identify latent and underlying psychological dimensions
  •       + Translate insights into actionable messages and initiatives
  •       + Develop internal capacity to interact skillfully with stakeholders

The application of proven, psychosocial research techniques can take you and your team’s work to a deeper level, ensuring that you connect with stakeholders in a way that is accurate, authentic, and profoundly effective.


Work Examples

“The energy and expertise Renee brings to our programs is invaluable. Her innovative training approach supports our staff and students to be creative and effective in the ways we take action on climate change. There’s no question our work has been strengthened by her contributions. We feel so fortunate to have her as a collaborator.”

Matt Lappe

Executive Director, Alliance for Climate Education

Market Research

Renee designed and implemented targeted market research using psychosocial methodology to better understand what would motivate participants to join and fully engage in the program. More about the work…

WWF Workshop & Campaign Guide

World Wildlife Fund hired Renee to develop an extensive workshop the results of which led to a guide for launching new campaigns globally. Learn more…

Strategic Advising

Skoll Global Threats Fund (SGTF) hired Renee to advise their strategic support of the climate advocacy community. Find out how…

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