Brand Strategy for Energy Conservation

center-for-sustainable-energyIn 2016, Renee began serving as a senior advisor of brand strategy to Energy Upgrade California.

Renee collaborates statewide with agencies supporting the program, which is funded by the California Public Utilities Commission and administered by the Center for Sustainable Energy. Her work informs an integrated brand strategy across all channels—mobile/experiential, retail, media, community-based organizations, sponsorship and marketing.

CSE also commissioned Renee to design and pilot a training to support marketing, education and outreach (ME&O). In late 2016, she delivered “Energy Conversations” for more than 100 participants in five regions across the state and online. The results from the pilot were overwhelmingly positive. A high majority of participants reported the training had a measurable and direct impact on their efficacy in communicating and engaging with a variety of stakeholders about energy efficiency and the program.