Human-Centered Engagement with Brand Cool

Brand Cool

In 2015, Renee served as Director of Insight for Brand Cool to advance the agency’s work with national energy-efficiency clients such as New York State Energy Research Authority (NYSERDA).

She worked closely with the Brand Cool team to integrate deep behavioral insights and psychosocial research into campaign strategies, messaging and creative development. In addition to revamping NYSERDA’s Multi-Family Performance Program with a research-driven, human-centered approach, the collaboration also resulted in numerous internal trainings and presentations, such as “The Power of Conversation: A Human-Centered Approach to Engagement” (watch the presentation) and “The Psychology of Energy Talk: How to Enhance Results through Energy Conversations.”

Renee’s work with Brand Cool also led to the eBook, Energy is Human, which is regarded as a valuable and influential resource by professionals in the energy sector.

Renee also presented the work with Brand Cool at AESP, GoGreen Portland, and Sustainable Brands.

“Renee’s insight work has added depth and potency to the marketing and engagement programs Brand Cool develops for energy efficiency, sustainability and climate action programs. Her perspective, discipline and relentless focus on the psychological dimensions of climate change benefit all who take the time to understand, integrate and apply the nuanced human insights and innovative practices that emerge from her work. Renee will take you beneath the surface of humanity’s relationship with the environment, into a frontier that must be examined, acknowledged and supported with growing urgency.”

Sue Kochan

CEO, Brand Cool