Does National Unity Have to be a Casualty of Canada’s Energy Debate?

Workers are laying down their tools across the Canadian oilpatch as the price slump draws on. Alberta had a net loss of nearly 20,000 jobs in 2015, with skilled workers being laid off and little hope in sight. The reaction, then, to talks of climate action has been often hostile, with people fearing more economic damage from carbon pricing or other new environmental regulation.

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Beyond hope and despair?

If you are engaged in any way with sustainability, ecological health, climate change and energy transitions, restoration and protection, chances are you have danced with this question:

Do we have hope?

As our awareness rises – whether through a hard-hitting environmental program or documentary, or simply listening and hearing about the litany of declines and threats facing our webs of life – it is almost impossible not to have this question.

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Florida’s climate denial problem

You can read a fantastic piece by the Pacific Standard on the dangers and implications of the recent Florida decision to ban the terms “climate change” and “global warming” from policy docs … Props to my colleagues in this burgeoning... read more

Energy is Human eBook is out

I am happy to share the new eBook I produced and authored in collaboration with my colleagues at Brand Cool. This eBook presents fresh, innovative and essential perspectives on our work in the energy sector. (Hint: we are communicating and engaging with human beings, in all their complexity.) You can download this here. Contact me with any... read more

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