"beyond the lease" – redesigining tenant engagement

I was excited to be involved with the recent Oregon BEST forum on behavior change, in Portland, Oregon. Johanna Brickman did a wonderful job at managing to address a potentially sticky and complex topic, concerning tenant and occupancy behavior.

Based on conversations with Johanna prior, I suggested a map to help identify how certain schools of thought inform how we approach “behavior change.” A pilot in process for another client, we created a quandrant to help surface how we tend to either approach behavior change from “outside in” (dashboards, tools, contracts) and less so, “inside out” (creating cultures of engagement, focusing on the story or narrative, creating sense of pleasure and desire in spaces, etc).

Johanna’s section on how we can take engagement “deeper” is also a nice application of our discussions, and I was very pleased to see this incorporated in the event.

You can view the slides from the forum, here.

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