make me love you: love your space

I had a fantastic time with some folks at the Garrison Institute’s NW Hub meeting at GGLO in Seattle a few weeks back. I was warmly hosted by Jason Twill and Ric ¬†Cochrane, conveners of the hub. The presentation focused on how an approach that targets the “three A’s” – Anxiety, Aspiration and Ambivalence – can inform just about any approach to strategic communications, including tenant engagement, stakeholder engagement, branding.

Kate Knight, who attended the early morning discussion, wrote up a brilliant overview and synopsis of the presentation. What I really like about this piece is the way she has honed in on what is unique about this approach; that is, what an experiential approach offers the green building space.¬† This is where I see tenant and occupancy engagement going; and a focus on love, emotions and affect as truly driving what we call “behavior change.”

Incidentally you can see my presentation at the Climate, Mind and Behavior symposium at Garrison in 2011 here.

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