Making friends with our fatalism

The folks over at ClimateAccess have published a new blog post of mine – on why we need to ‘become friends’ with our fatalistic feelings when it comes to addressing ecological threats. Check it out, comment, share.


  1. Carly Armstrong

    Thanks for this insightful post. I’d like to see this approach embraced within the formal education system as well. As students across the ages learn about troubling environmental issues, they too need a space to discuss and work through their emotions.

  2. Renee Lertzman, PhD

    Thanks Carly! This is exactly my view as well and an area I’ve been working towards. I’ll be presenting a paper at the NAEE in October with Professor Rick Kool, director of the MA in Environmental Education and Communication program at Royal Roads University, on this topic. (MEEC is a unique program for professionals in the fields of education and communications; I just returned from teaching their 3-week residency in Victoria, on psychological dimensions of environmental education and communications). Are you an educator?
    Thanks for your comment.


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