looking back (listening to the owl through the window at night)

Someday, someone is going to write a historical record, on how with industrialization and technological development, to “love” nature and the natural world, to revere and respect it, was seen as strange, radical, even transgressive. Something most people don’t talk about but may keep hidden, tucked away under the pillow at night, secret dreams of colored birds and crawling creatures and luminous tide pools. How our love of the flitting, flickering, buzzing was held in pockets while waiting in lines, walking down sidewalks, driving down roads. We’ll look back, as bird calls are silenced, oceans shift, and wonder how insights into psyche, culture, societies, imagination could have been applied.

Or does it need to be that way?

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  1. Rebecca Gasior Altman, PhD

    Loving your blog, Renee. And more the ideas, links. But, this musing here, too, is particularly lovely. And striking. And apt. Just wanted to let you know.

    I’ve been following your blog more readily after we communicated via email. I learned of your work through/from Kari Norgaard, a fellow environmental sociologist. It’s been wonderful to peak into your brain through your writing. And is speaking to some of the most central questions in my heart and in my professional considerations.

    Just saying “hi” and thank you.


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